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Eve Shalini Cathi

Three Lincolnshire based practising artists who first met at craft markets and artisan events in the Stamford area. Their like minded approach to how they view their crafts, as an expression of their creativity as well as a means to earn a living, has been a major factor in the three working together as a team for almost four years. Cathi was one of the original members of Stamford artisans guild started by Shalini, Eve joined a year later.

escartists001Since 2009 Shalini has been actively involved in the local arts and crafts scene in Stamford. She was one of the founder members of Stamford Artisans Guild and was responsible for organising, promoting and running craft events for the group. Cathi also became involved with Stamford Artisans Guild in its formative years working on the committee and organising events at Oakham Castle. Eve was also part of the events team managing Stamford Arts Centre and Oakham Castle events and also initiating “crafts for charity” projects involving local artisans.

2014 saw Eve, Shalini and Cathi move away from being just another stall holder at endless craft fairs and organise a hugely successful exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre featuring twelve local artists and designers.


2015-1Think of Eve, Shalini and Cathi as the ESCape committee, planning an escape from the ordinary by organising Artist markets and exhibitions promoting the extraordinary workmanship and talent they see around them.

Following on the success of the Gallery exhibition and pop-up artists markets that Eve, Shalini and Cathi organised at Stamford Arts Centre in 2015, 2016 and 2017 the three escapees have secured dates at Stamford Arts Centre for several artist led events for 2018.

Escartists events are a By Invitation opportunity for artists to showcase their work in a friendly environment, allowing customers and designers to meet and interact.

in 2018 Escartists have dates confirmed for:

  • An Artist’s Market in Stamford Arts Centre Ballroom – Sunday 24th June 
  • An exhibition in the Stamford Arts Centre Gallery – Tuesday 23rd October – Sunday 4th November 
  • An Artist’s Market, running with the exhibition, in the Ballroom – Sunday, 4th November 

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