Glass bowl by Anita Ruiz

Anita Ruiz

Anita approaches her art in a spirit of discovery and experimentation

Anita Glass Fusion

Stamford based Glass Artist

Anita Ruiz is participating in the ESC Artists Autumn Exhibition and Artist Market in 2019

Stamford Arts Centre:

  • 22nd October to 3rd November – Gallery Exhibition
  • 3rd November Artist Market in the Ballroom

I explore combinations of colours, bubble effects and inclusions of copper wire to create alchemic effects.

From flour, sugar and eggs to glass. Having dabbled with mud, pottery and enamels, Anita discovered at an early age that her most successful creative medium was cake. Whilst the creative process was hugely fulfilling, the end product was disappointingly transient – though tasty.

Many years on, she visited Winkworth Arboretum on a beautiful, autumn day, where there happened to be a small exhibition of fused glass. And she was hooked.

Anita approaches her art in a spirit of discovery and experimentation. Ideas come to her as a project develops, so each piece is unique and individual. The enjoyment is in the discovery and development of techniques, the fun of chemical reactions as different glasses and metals come into contact, and the excitement of not knowing exactly how the glass will behave.

The ultimate pleasure is in the knowledge that somewhere, someone will lose themselves in the utter beauty of the glass as the dynamic colours and shapes of their piece catch the sunlight.

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