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Commission workSouth Lincolnshire based Stained Glass Artist

Cathi is participating in ESC Artists Stamford Arts Centre Autumn Exhibition in the Gallery, 23 October – 4 November 2018, and Artists Market in the Ballroom on 4 November 2018

Cathi studied at art college for her honours degree in Fine Art and has worked in the professional fine and commercial art world since.

As part of a printing studio she spent time working closely with artists hand producing limited print editions, while continuing to make her own paintings and print editions which were sold internationally.

Stained glass fulfils a love of colour that has been important in all of Cathi Prince’s working life. Based in her studio in South Lincolnshire she is involved in several areas of stained glass.

CathiI love working with the colours and textures found in the various types of stained glass that I use.

Sometimes I will work with simple geometric and random patterns, playing with shades and contrasts. At other times I get ideas from around me, the flowers in my garden and the fish in the pond outside my studio door. Walking my dog I collect fragments of designs from the shapes of plants in the fields and hedges and the birds that I see.

Using the lead as my line I try to draw these elements and ideas together.

It is here that bespoke commissioning work is carried out, designing and making leaded stained glass panels for doors and windows for a variety of buildings, both old and new.

Copper foiled work produces a variety of gift ideas, from sun-catchers to mirrors and candle-boxes. The element of playing and enjoying the medium moves ideas on, so that there is usually something new on the go.

Moving to her current home she was a major part in the setting up and running of the Haconby Arts Festival, showcasing art and craft in its 14th century church, which runs bi-annually.

As her career moved from painting and printmaking to stained glass, where she works in commissioning and teaching, Cathi became involved with the Stamford Artisans Guild in its formative years working on the committee and organising their events at Oakham Castle.

In 2014, with fellow ESCartists she organised and hung our successful inaugural exhibition at the Stamford Arts Centre Gallery.

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