Eve Marshall

Lincolnshire based Artisan Felter and Teacher

Artisan Felter Eve Marshall

Eve is participating in ESC Artists Stamford Arts Centre Autumn Exhibition in the Gallery, 23 October – 4 November 2018, and Artists Markets in the Ballroom on 24 June & 4 November 2018

Eve Marshall is an artisan felter and teacher based in rural Lincolnshire, having moved back to the UK in 2009 after living in the United States since the age of six.

Eve has been working creatively with felt for over ten years using a variety of wet and dry felting techniques. Initially working on large wall hangings inspired by ocean life, Eve originally assembled her pieces using the appliqué style of sewing. Tired of endlessly threading needles to attach the felt pieces she made, Eve researched and discovered needle felting on-line, tried out a kit and was instantly hooked. She has incorporated the technique into her work ever since.

Artisan Felter Eve MarshallI love the process of needle felting. It’s amazing how you can take something so raw, stab it with a needle and create something unique. From just a little piece of fluff you can make anything. I choose to use a single needle to create my pieces because I am able to sculpt, add colour and texture simply and effectively. It gives me such instant results and can be used at any scale from larger wall hangings to the tiny, detailed animal brooches I make. It’s a good portable craft that I can create pieces on the train or in front of the telly. I only need a piece of foam, a couple of needles, and some wool.

When Eve moved to England she found herself surrounded by sheep and decided to start playing with the wool fibres that she got from the farmers in her village. They felted easily and Eve now sources most of her wool locally in its raw state, sorts it, washes it and then uses it to create her crafts.

Eve is passionate about sharing her skills and teaches a range of classes and workshops to both children and adults. Eve currently sells her art pieces in a range of shops and galleries across the East Midlands.

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Contact Eve
Website: www.evemarshall.co.uk
Facebook: Classes Page ; Design Page / Twitter: @EMarshall28

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