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16th March 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ 2015

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Gabriel has had to withdraw from Escartists Exhibition and Pop Up Market this October – November.

Hello, my name is Gabriel and I’m the Oathill Silversmith.

Growing up I’ve always had a strong interest in art and would regularly put time aside to sit and drew to fill nothing more than my own desire. However, being the younger and less artistic sibling, I had never thought that I could pursue any creative pastime any further than a hobby.

As with so many people, I joined the work force doing something practical. I spent most of my late teens and twenties working ‘on the tools’ and on building sites. Until one day on the field of a festival I spotted a man sawing away at something incredibly small. After taking a closer look I noticed he was cutting shapes out of old, unused coins. This was my first contact with something known as ‘Trench Art’.

Gabriel3Having started in the trenches of World War One, Trench Art was a way for the soldiers on the front line to make beautiful and desirable objects out of what they had to hand. Most of the time that was old coins or bullet shells. After doing a bit of research I decided this was very much for me. Reusing unwanted items, an excuse to be creative and artistic, requiring a practical knowledge of traditional tools and techniques. This was perfect …and hard. It took a long time to get to grips with the tiny and fine tools that I now use every day. Several years on and I’m still learning and developing, my work is constantly changing and progressing.

Living within the countryside, it’s only natural that the jewellery I create from old coins is strongly influenced by the nature around me and the fantasy novels I like to nuzzle my nose into. Many of my pieces have recurring characters like George Hare, Soa Fox and Julia Owl, all of whom have stories and adventures that can only be found on my Facebook page. Living out their lives in the fantasy land of the Oathill Valley, and getting into all sorts of mischief in the countryside around the town of Oathill and Kinsfolk, these three friends are a constant source of inspiration.

Gabe – The Oathill Silversmith

Oathill and Kinsfolk

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