2017: Mary Kemp

Peterborough based contemporary impressionist painter

Mary is participating in ESC Artists Stamford Arts Centre autumn events, Gallery Exhibition from 25 October – 5 November and Artists Market in the Ballroom on 5 November 2017.

Initially I trained as a nurse, but deep down knew what I really wanted to do was paint.

After a year at art school in Salisbury I launched myself into the art world, even if it wasn’t a very spectacular launch, and apart from a few of life’s hiccups along the way that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

I’ve had a varied career, exhibiting in galleries, in mixed and solo shows, open exhibitions, showing in craft fairs and open air markets and taking part in open studio events.

My new series of paintings is called “Long Lost Days” and this is how it came about.

Because the years galloped by I found my children had suddenly become adults and I could only see the children they once were, and the times we had as a family, from a distance.

Nothing dreadful had happened along the way. Family and friends are still talking to me and we’re in touch often. It’s just that the children have grown up and friends have grown older, and I think a lot of my painting harks back to the time when we were a young family and I was so busy I found no time to paint at all. A quick sketch was all that I could manage.

I don’t want those times back again. It was such hard work, so I’m content to see the next generation growing up and to enjoy their company, and of course paint a picture or two.

All these thoughts have inspired a new series of paintings, still featuring the subject that is at the heart of all my painting, the seaside, but the figures of my family and friends have become more in the background, as I strive to capture the feelings of those long lost days.


all images © Mary Kemp

Exhibited with the Welland Valley Art Society. Stamford Artists Gallery. Work in Art in the Heart Peterborough, and Haddenham Gallery. Peteborough Open Exhibition, Norman Cross Gallery, Buckenham Gallery Southwold, Peckover House.

Contact Details:
Website: www.marykemp.co.uk
Facebook Page URL: Mary Kemp Art
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