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Mathew Gardner: Why Not Wood

I take pleasure in unlocking the incredible beauty of wood

Rural Lincolnshire based Wood Turner Mathew Gardner

Rural Lincolnshire based Wood Turner Mathew Gardner is participating in ESC Artists Stamford Arts Centre events in 2021.

Stamford Arts Centre:  

  • Gallery Exhibition: 19 – 31 October 2021
  • Artist Market: Sunday, 31st October 2021
Mathew Gardner - Why Not Wood

My design cues are taken from the natural environment and can be witnessed in the smooth, gentle, curving and flowing profiles.

I am a self taught wood turner with an eye for the unusual. We are based in a small village in rural Lincolnshire. Our home workshop allows me the space I needs to design and make our beautiful creations.

Wood is a natural material, so the colouring and grain pattern of each piece is truly unique. The wood is carefully chosen for its properties and each piece made to make the most of the wood figuring.

I take pleasure in unlocking the incredible beauty of the wood itself and love how I can express myself in ways that words just cannot compete. Nothing measures up to the excitement and discovery of peeling away layers of wood and exposing the hidden treasures in the grain, texture and colour. Using the gifts of nature we create beauty in simplicity. I aim to use locally sourced timbers but we also use a variety of exotic words too.

Contact Why Not Wood

Facebook Page: WhyNotWoodMJG ; Twitter: Whynotwood1; Instagram: whynotwood

all images © Mathew Gardner

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