Metalsmith Shalini Austin

Shalini Austin Metalsmith

I make Copper Things

ESC Artists Founder, Stamford based metalsmith and jewellery maker Shalini Austin is exhibiting at various ESC Artists events in 2023

Stamford Arts Centre Gallery Exhibition: 31 October – 18 November 2023

Vitamin Sea, an Escape the Ordinary Exhibition at Allman Gallery, Victoria Hall Oakham, LE15 6AH from 13 – 19 March 2023.

Shalini Austin: Metalsmith
Shalini Austin Metalsmith

It is so satisfying to see a piece of old copper pipe transform into wearable art or wall decoration.

I really love making things from salvaged copper.

I am a self taught metalsmith and I make copper things. I forge, enamel, emboss, and engrave to craft decorative copper items & metal jewellery.

My work is mostly inspired by nature and things I see around me.

I started working with wire & semi precious stones in 2008, making jewellery to sell at local craft shows and via my website. As I progressed on my creative adventure I learnt to appreciate sheet metal, especially copper.

It is only natural that my work is now taking a new path – metalsmithing to craft a decorative and functional range of copper jewellery, sculptures and home-ware.

Originally from India I now live & work in Stamford. All my designs are created individually in my home studio in Stamford. Most of my designs are truly one-off but some things can be made to order.

Recently I have been working closely with fellow ESC artist Eve and made several bespoke custom components for Eve’s Felt Sculptures.

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