Shalini Austin

Shalini Austin - MetalsmithStamford based Artisan Metalsmith

Shalini is participating in ESC Artists Stamford Arts Centre Autumn Exhibition in the Gallery, 23 October – 4 November 2018, and Artists Markets in the Ballroom on 24 June & 4 November 2018

I am a self taught metalsmith and I make copper things.

Shalini is a self taught artisan metal-smith. She makes hand-crafted metal & wire jewellery, wire sculptures, decorative copper items and lapidary specimen; created individually in her design studio at her home in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Initially the main focus of Shalini’s jewellery was wire wrapped gemstones, hand-polished stones & beads. Since Summer 2014 she has embarked on a new path of metalsmithing and wire weaving with an aim to add a decorative and functional range of copper creations to her business.

I once bought a necklace in Peterborough and then said that it was often difficult to get something unique at a reasonable price. I am from India where individually hand-crafted jewellery is available to buy to suit any budget and I was quite used to indulging in my love for bling!

Dave said, “You could do that! Why don’t you make your own?” Famous last words indeed!

Shalini Austin - MetalsmithShalini’s husband Dave cuts and polishes some of the semi precious gemstones used in jewellery making and offers tumble-stones, polished specimens & cabochons for other designers and collectors too.

Both Shalini and Dave also make one-off Wire Sculpture trees and pictures with copper, plated copper, aluminium and bare iron wire. Dave’s new favourite medium for the trees is bare iron wire. These go outdoors in the garden to be coloured by nature and end up a lovely rust colour.

Recently Shalini has been working closely with fellow ESC artist Eve and made several bespoke custom components for Eve’s Felt Sculptures.

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Tel: (+44) 07941324928
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Stockist: Art in the Heart Peterborough / Stamford Arts Centre Tourist Office Gift Shop

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