2019: Fiona Kingdon – Artist in Wood

Fiona explores the imagery in the timber’s natural grain pattern and contrasts

Fiona Kingdon - Artist in Wood

Northamptonshire based Wood Artist

Fiona Kingdon is participating in ESC Artists Summer Market on 2 June 2019 in the Stamford Arts Centre Ballroom

I create art pieces suggested by the wood I find

Fiona studied Industrial Design, Craftsmanship and Furniture Restoration in the 90s. She then dedicated time to family and supporting young people with behavioural difficulties, but couldn’t be kept from working wood. Making chairs, guitars, lighting and cajon drums.

Now, Fiona works in native and rescued timbers. Over many hours of hand cutting with a scrollsaw, intricate landscapes, silhouettes and keepsakes emerge from the wood. Fiona explores the imagery in the timber’s natural grain pattern and contrasts, or simply weaves the beauty of the wood into her designs. Most content when at her saw, she is determined to skilfully make something beautiful and one of a kind.

Fiona uses a Hegner single speed scrollsaw and many hours of skill and patience.

Contact Details:

website: www.fionakingdon.com

email: fdkingdon@yahoo.co.uk / Tel:07815441546 / Facebook

all images © Fiona Kingdon

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