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Old School Crafts

Offering a range of handcrafted gifts, craft workshops and experiences.

Old School Crafts

Lincolnshire based David and Zoe from Old School Crafts will be joining us for several ESC Artists events in 2021

Stamford Arts Centre:  

  • Gallery Exhibition: 19 – 31 October 2021
  • Artist Market: Sunday, 31st October 2021

Rutland Garden Village Craft Bazaar in the Conservatory:

  • Saturday to Tuesday: 21 – 24 August 2021
Old School Crafts

Old School Crafts is a versatile craft hub based in the old Victorian school house in the village of Minting

David and Zoe of Old School Crafts, share an interest in traditional manufacturing techniques and crafts, creating useful, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing items.

They are inspired by a desire to help people to understand the true value of the things we take for granted everyday through delivering workshops on traditional crafts and working with others who share the same passion.

David focuses on bookbinding whilst Zoe concentrates on fibre craft, spinning raw wool and then crocheting and weaving it into useful garments. She also has an interest in jewellery making and produces items inspired by archaeology.

Contact David and Zoe / Instagram:

all images © Old School Crafts

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