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2018: David Judd: Tales From The Heartwood

Lincoln based Wood Shaper

David is participating in ESC Artists Stamford Arts Centre autumn events, Gallery Exhibition from 23 October – 4 November 2018 and Artists Market in the Ballroom on 4 November 2018.

David is a wood shaper and makes large sculptural furniture and smaller pieces using a chainsaw. All the wood he uses is local to Lincolnshire, and he works in ancient English hardwoods

I prefer to spend my free time carving wood.
Honda Tadakatsu, Samurai warrior 1548-1610

After almost 40 years spent exploring the world (and getting paid for it) in a variety of ways – sailing around the world three times in the navy from the age of 15, working as a puppeteer in Holland, picking peaches in the Pyrenees, a physical education instructor for convicted murderers and triad gang members in a high security prison in the South China seas, a semi-professional basketball player (appearing on Chinese T.V.), community artist and Storyteller – David wholeheartedly agrees with Honda Tadakatsu.

David speaks with passion about the woods he works with: English oak, ash, beech and lime. The finished piece is the culmination of anywhere between 200 and 500 years of life and growth which started in the reigns of George III and Henry VIII. With simple care it may last several hundred years more.

A passionate environmentalist to boot, with a background in forestry, David uses wood from trees that have either blown down in high winds, or he has felled himself because they have reached the end of their natural life span or have become a danger to the public. He tidies and maintains local, ancient estates in exchange for the wood; no money changes hands. Any wood which cannot be turned into a thing of beauty, is used to keep his family and neighbours warm – again no money changes hand, fitting into the local bartering ethos which characterises ‘Transition Culture’.

David gathers the wood himself, cutting it into sections before being considered for use (why hurry after several hundred years of growth?). Time, care and thought is taken in deciding what to make from each piece, whether a table, bench, pew, chair or simple board for our daily bread. Indeed, David describes his work as revealing the wood, the beauty of its natural shape, the lovely lines, grains and contours, using only a chainsaw and angle grinder. This is what goes into making each piece truly unique.

David undertakes both private and public commissions as well as producing pieces for sale. He is happy to discuss your ideas or projects with you.

all images © David Judd

Public commissions can be seen at Cresswell Crags Visitor Centre, Derbyshire and Henry’s Campsite in Cornwall

Contact Details:
Tel: 07733124813
Facebook: Tales From The Heartwood
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