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Artist and Award winning garden designer Jeni Cairns lives and works in rural Cambridgeshire and works in a range of mediums from painting to sculpture, though at present is focusing on using a plasma cutter as drawing/carving tool to create a series of metal relief sculptures.

New work is expanding into different metals such as copper and corten steel.


jeni plasmaReusing and up-cycling have become an important and integral part of her practice, especially in the various show gardens she has created at Harrogate and RHS Hampton court flower show this year where she won a coveted gold and best in category for “A space to connect and grow”. The use of steel drums have proved a great “blank canvas” on which to depict the fragility of nature yet also represent its strength and enduring resilience.

For her last exhibition Jeni took inspiration from her own piece of land a ¼ acre garden in the autumn and beginning of winter, a natural almost untamed garden where nature is in charge, the birds busy in the hedgerow collecting seeds and berries, the variety of seed heads in the borders and the remaining silhouettes of flowers and grasses. Some of the relief sculptures have been left with their natural patina while others have been sandblasted and powder coated in a monochrome palette, representing the starkness of winter.

Jeni is working on a new series of sculptures/panels that are quite large 2m x 1m
These relief sculptures are inspired by ancient and historical patterns, decoration and representations of nature with hidden meanings and symbolism. Shadow and light play an important role to draw on ideas of perceived realities that are not real (the shadow) and the reality that can be touched. Drawing on Philosophies, religion and beliefs in both western and eastern cultures. These themes have always played an important role in Jeni’s work.

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Bees and flowers by Jeni Cairns

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