Josette Carroll

Stamford based Sculptor and Painter

Josette is participating in ESC Artists Stamford Arts Centre Summer Artists Market in the Ballroom on 24 June 2018.

I am intrigued by the interrelationship and juxtaposition of forms, colours and textures and so the direction of my work is sometimes determined by intuition rather than reason, although most of the time I do have some preconceived idea of what I want to develop, albeit in an ECLECTIC manner.

I am a Painter and Sculptor. I am interested in the illusion of space and atmosphere.

I have recently started to extend my artwork into creating individually painted earrings, including bespoke designs.

In 2007, Josette retired from her post as Principal of the Peterborough Dyslexia Institute, after having taught Special Needs for 35 years. After retirement, Josette pursued her interest in art and gained an Honours Degree in Fine Art in June 2010.

Her work encompasses a diverse range of processes and styles often incorporated within a single image. Her intention is to create tensions between contrasting visual elements. She also explores form, space and texture in a three-dimensional context using a variety of discarded packaging materials.

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I have exhibited at the Stamford Arts Centre several times and I have an exhibition there during the month of September this year.

Contact Details:
Twitter: @josettecarroll1 / Instagram

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