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There’s No Smoke Without Fire!

Just what has she been smoking?

Porcelain Artist Sue Winward explains the process she uses to create these beautiful Smoke Fired decorative pots

The process these pots went through is called smoke or sawdust firing.

Sue-winward-smoked-pot3I nestled the bisque fired pots into sawdust until covered and set it on fire. After a short time the flames die down and I put the lid on leaving a small gap for the smoke to escape. The contents can burn for 12 to 48 hours.

I find it an exciting process as it is unpredictable how fast it will burn and what sort of sawdust used. I use dried seaweed too. When they have cooled down I remove them and wash all the residual smoke off and then wax them with beeswax.

Each pot is totally unique… They are decorative only as do not hold water but are very attractive with dried grasses or flowers.

The results we agree are unique and SPECTACULAR!


Sue’s lovely pieces will be on display at the Escartists Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre Gallery between 27 October – 01 November and at the Artists Market in the Arts Centre Ballroom on 1st November 2015.


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