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I was born in London in 1951, and when I was four, my family moved to Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, where my love of the countryside and the natural world began.

At 16, I was allowed out of school for one day a week while studying for A levels to attend Tunbridge Wells School of Art, where I learned about oil painting and drawing before going on to study Fine Art at Hastings School of Art;  I was fortunate in having eminent & inspirational teachers at both: a privilege I probably didn’t appreciate enough at the time.

Teresa Hodges 1I’ve always most of all enjoyed painting landscapes, and especially trees;  I love the changing patterns made against the sky by the branches and leaves, and am always moved by the sight of an ancient dead tree in a green and vibrant setting. I also enjoy painting the small rather whimsical pictures that very often include one of my dogs, either past or present.

My paintings have been shown in various galleries and exhibitions and sold both here and overseas; several have been bought by a production design company and used in television or film sets – most recently, one was spotted in an episode of Eastenders! A few years ago I also started to sell the smaller paintings as well as hand cut paper cards and pictures at art and craft fairs.

My favourite medium is oil paint, although I do use acrylic for a lot of the smaller pictures; and recently I acquired an iPad and have been experimenting a little with making pictures on that! I could never have foreseen anything like it when I was learning how to mix paint on my lovely wooden palette in 1967…

And my favourite painter has always been Cezanne.


Website www.teresahodges.co.uk

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Teresa - Winter Willow and ducks
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